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Maksim (Max) Royzen research into applications of bio-orthogonal chemistry for in vivo imaging and RNA synthesis.
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5 APRIL 2018

MRS 250x250_72dpi

Max Royzen will make a presentation at the Spring Materials Research Society Meeting on April 5, titled: Reloadable Hydrogel System for Targeted Treatment of Bacterial Infections.

2 JANUARY 2018


A new postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Kui Wu, joined the lab to work on our collaborative project with Shasqi, Inc. Kui brings along exceptional expertise in organic synthesis.

1 AUGUST 2017

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Max Royzen was awarded an NSF grant towards development of new synthetic methods that lead to construction of long RNA oligonucleotides containing non-cannonical nucleobases.

13 JUNE 2017


A collaborative project between Royzen and Yigit Labs was just accepted for publication by Chemical Science. This work describes delivery and controlled in-cell activation of siRNA using iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles and bio-orthogonal chemistry. Congratulations to everyone involved in this work!

15 MARCH 2017

pubs_IC 2017_500x300

Leah’s second paper was just accepted for publication by Inorganic Chemistry. The paper reports a Cu(II)-based paramagnetic probe to investigate binding of HIV-1 protein, NCp7, to RNA using PRE NMR. This work was also done in collaboration with Shekhtman Lab, Chen Lab and the RNA Institute.

8 MARCH 2017

pubs_JIB 2017_500x300

Leah’s paper was just accepted for publication by Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry. The paper reports a Cobalt-based paramagnetic probe that has been explored to study RNA-protein interactions using PRE NMR. This work was done in collaboration with Shekhtman Lab, Chen Lab and the RNA Institute at SUNY, Albany.