Maksim (Max) Royzen research into applications of bio-orthogonal chemistry for in vivo imaging and RNA synthesis.
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3 APRIL 2020

Our collaborative work with Lei Zhu Lab (FSU) was just accepted for publication in Bioconjugate Chemistry. Our publication describes in-cell labeling of proteins of interest using two orthogonal bio-orthogonal chemistries. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this work.

26 MARCH 2020

Our collaborative work with Yigit Lab was just accepted for publication in ChemMedChem. The paper describes spectroscopic analysis of in-cell activation of doxorubicin. This work is supported by our collaborative R15 grant from NIGMS.

15 FEBRUARY 2020

Our long awaited book chapter, titled: “In vivo bioconjugation using bio-orthogonal chemistry” has been published by Wiley. We would like to thank all the contributors.

12 JANUARY 2020

Max Royzen has been promoted to Associate Professor! Thank you to all the colleagues, administrators, and group members past and present, who contributed to Prof. Royzen’s promotion.


After numerous updates and revisions, we finally published a Chem Comm paper describing imaging of ribosomal RNA in live mammalian cells. This work was started by Papa Nii six years ago, continued by Irfan and finished by Muhan And Kui. Congratulations to all the co-authors!


We welcome a new graduate student, Amir Agharezaee, who just joined the Royzen research group with a background in biochemistry. He’ll be working on RNA imaging in live cells.


Our collaborative work with Shasqi, Inc., as well as collaborators from Berlin has just been accepted for publication by ACS Central Science. Congratulations to Eddie, Chris, Hasina, Ilenis and Dr. Khan!


We received another collaborative SBIR grant with Shasqi, Inc. We would like to thank the NIGMS institute of the NIH for their generous support. This will be a 3-year grant focused on the development of bio-orthogonal chemistry-based drug delivery strategies.


We welcome the new postdoctoral scientist, Xunshen Wu, who just joined the Royzen research group from China. Dr. Wu completed his doctoral work past summer at the East China University of Science and Technology.