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Maksim (Max) Royzen research into applications of bio-orthogonal chemistry for in vivo imaging and RNA synthesis.
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THUMBS UP_250x250_72dpi

Congratulations to Muhan He and Alyssa Hoy who successfully completed their research proposals and proudly stepped into scientific adulthood! From this moment on, they will be expected to produce top notch results on the regular basis and publish at least one JACS paper per year.

28 AUGUST 2018


Max made a presentation at the 23 International Roundtable on Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids in San Diego, CA.

8 AUGUST 2018

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Max Royzen was awarded an IMAT NIH grant towards development of new therapeutic treatment of soft tissue sarcoma. This project will be done in collaboration with Filemon Dela Cruz (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) and Jose Mejia Oneto (Shasqi, Inc.)

5 APRIL 2018

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Max Royzen will make a presentation at the Spring Materials Research Society Meeting on April 5, titled: Reloadable Hydrogel System for Targeted Treatment of Bacterial Infections.

2 JANUARY 2018


A new postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Kui Wu, joined the lab to work on our collaborative project with Shasqi, Inc. Kui brings along exceptional expertise in organic synthesis.

1 AUGUST 2017

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Max Royzen was awarded an NSF grant towards development of new synthetic methods that lead to construction of long RNA oligonucleotides containing non-cannonical nucleobases.

13 JUNE 2017


A collaborative project between Royzen and Yigit Labs was just accepted for publication by Chemical Science. This work describes delivery and controlled in-cell activation of siRNA using iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles and bio-orthogonal chemistry. Congratulations to everyone involved in this work!

15 MARCH 2017

pubs_IC 2017_500x300

Leah’s second paper was just accepted for publication by Inorganic Chemistry. The paper reports a Cu(II)-based paramagnetic probe to investigate binding of HIV-1 protein, NCp7, to RNA using PRE NMR. This work was also done in collaboration with Shekhtman Lab, Chen Lab and the RNA Institute.

8 MARCH 2017

pubs_JIB 2017_500x300

Leah’s paper was just accepted for publication by Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry. The paper reports a Cobalt-based paramagnetic probe that has been explored to study RNA-protein interactions using PRE NMR. This work was done in collaboration with Shekhtman Lab, Chen Lab and the RNA Institute at SUNY, Albany.